3 Current Design Crushes 1

3 Current Design Crushes

The Stoff Nagel candle stick was designed in the earlt 1960’s by the design duo Duon Werner Stoff and Hans Nagel. This unique shape and modular design came as a flash of inspiration for Hans Nagel when he stumbled in the snow during a skiing trip in the Alps. His fingers formed three long holes in the deep snow that later became the shape of the final candles holder. With its unique shape and construction, it can either stand alone or be built in infinite formations. It has become a genuine design classic.

The trend of large round vases is a current favourite of mine. I love how vases are being allowed to take up space, and that we are starting to use them as separate decor objects, rather than just holding flowers. There are so many amazing vases out there, but I’ve chosen three that I think embody the trend in a great way.

“Alfredo” from Georg Jensen is nearing perfection. The intense green and sensual shape is not going unspotten in a room
The vase “Globe” from AYTM has become a favourite amongst interior designers. This version is in a dark blue glass with a brass bottom, stunning!
The vase “Sensuous” from By On is ticking many boxes for the current vase trend

I’ve noticed that the champagne glasses named “Ripple” from Ferm Living are floating around my social media. Every glass is hand blown and has a beautiful ripple effect. I beleive that the multi functional shape as well as how the light creates interesting patterns around them has made these glasses a new favourite.

The Ripple glasses from Ferm Living

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