Architerior Design art wall home decor inspiration

A pastel toned corner

I want to share a favourite pastel toned corner of my apartment, there’s just something about the combination of all pieces that speak to me. I thought I’d tell you about it in this short blogazine feature. I hope you enjoy this little art themed story time of my personal artworks and pieces.

Architerior Design art wall home decor inspiration
A pastel toned corner of my apartment and the story behind each artwork featured in the photo.
  • The two architectural photographs are taken by my friend @aquadro_studio who is part of Architerior Galleryshop. These motifs are so stunning and her photos have been featured in several exhibitions I’ve done with Architerior.

  • The three drawing are done by a Swiss artist named Lou Cosmo Pilleri that I interviewed a few years ago. They are some of my absolute favourites! He picked out these three for me and he must have known my style completely because I can’t think of a colour combination more gorgeous than this!

  • The white sculpture is an old Per Hasselberg made at Gustavsberg. I found it when we were clearing out my grandma’s house and now it has its place here. I think it belongs 🙂

  • In the back you can see part of a massive painting made by German artist Simone Florell. I’ll show more images of this because it’s really cool! You can check out my interview with Simone here.

  • At the front is the newest artwork in our home, a stunning glass sculpture by Stockholm based artist Kristin Larsson that my boyfriend and I fell in love with when visiting her solo exhibition at Galleri Glas. It’s so magical, mysterious and pretty <3

  • As the last little detail I’ve placed a rose quartz stone that I spontaneously bought in a quirky little shop in Munich <3

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