Anna Di Mezza: Stay True To Your Values

Architerior got to know Australian artist Anna Di Mezza and talked about her life as an artist and what keeps her inspired and motivated. Anna’s vintage motifs have been noticed for their surrealistic touch. We’re thrilled to have her interviewing for Architerior.

Where are you from?

I am from The Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. There is a thriving art community in this region.

How did your art career start?

I have been painting all my life for my own enjoyment. Three years ago I started on a body of work that I have been passionate about and had my first solo exhibition in a local art gallery in May this year.

Have you studied art or are you self taught?

I studied graphic design and did some life drawing classes here and there in my late teens. I have also worked as an inbetweener for Walt Disney Television animation (drawing) for ten years but I’m pretty much a self taught painter.

Wow, that’s so fun! But when it’s completely up to you – what are your art preferences?

I’m sure my work will evolve as time goes on, but in a nutshell my latest work is surrealistic in style. I paint with acrylics. The colours tend to be monochromatic with a bit of blue or green thrown in. The paintings tend to look like old photographs with a surprise twist.

What is the hardest part of being an artist?

The hardest thing would be finding a few hours in the day to paint because of the time my other work (teaching music) takes up. If money were no object, painting would come first.

And what’s the best about it?

The best thing is the total freedom to express yourself and the blissful awareness of creating something no one has ever quite seen before.

Can you mention any moment in your career that has been extra important to you?

Definately my exposé exhibition last month. It was wonderful to see the work finally up on the walls after three years of working on them.  It was also great hearing people’s interpretations of the art which sometimes surprised me and put a whole new spin on the work.

What are you working on right now?

I am continuing to paint in order to get some more exhibitions happening.

According to you, what is good art?

Good art to me is something that touches and evokes a reaction.

Where do you find energy and inspiration to create?

I find it exciting to bring out what is in my mind onto the canvas and how I translate it. It is like a discovery of unfound land.  As I am working on a piece I am also looking ahead to think about what the next one will be.  Ideas can come from all kinds of sources: A title, a quote, poetry, an old vintage photo that grabs me so much that I will include it in the work.


If it was completely up to you, what would be your dream exhibition?

It would be a dream to exhibit in amazing galleries in the art capitals of the world. Ie: New York, London, Paris etc. But in saying that, exhibiting locally would always be welcome.

Do you hang your own or others’ work on your walls?

I have my own art on the walls.

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself – what advice would you give?

If you don’t like what you paint, start again because it’s likely others may not like it either. If you wouldn’t hang it on your own walls why would anyone else? Stay true to your values and beliefs and others hopefully will connect with you and your vision.

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