Portrait painting water color under 500 eur

Artistic Appreciations: My top art picks under 500 EUR

I’m going into 2021 with a newly fueled art spirit and that’s why I’ll share my top art picks with you going forward. Let’s make 2021 the year that meaningful, cultural and utterly beautiful things make it to the priority list.

That’s why I’m here to help you get started and give you some inspiration! Over the coming months I will publish a series of art friendly shopping lists with the artworks I’m admiring right now. Get ready to fall in love with new talented artists all around the world and secure your next art piece, or pieces, by clicking the artworks and shop them online. Couldn’t be easier! We’re starting off easy, with a list of my top art picks under 500 EUR.

500 EUR can be considered both high and low, but when it comes to art, 500 EUR is a healthy but relatively low budget that will give you a good outlook on finding something you love.

Do you love art and want to learn more, and hear the stories of artists all around the world. Discover more art articles on Architerior. I can assure you that you’ll find many interesting and inspiring interviews and features that will suit your taste.

Now, let’s start the list of my top art picks under 500 EUR! Enjoy!

“Senses” by Anna Matykiewicz
An Underwater Spell” (8/50) Small Edition Photograph by Simon McCheung
Head Drawing by Stefan Petrunov
“Eupnea” – Limited Edition 1 of 50 Photograph by Paulo Vilarinho
“Sous l’océan I” – Painting by Chantal Proulx
“Impressionist” – Limited Edition of 50 Photograph by Simon McCheung
“Blue Spring vol.159” – Painting by Ko Byung Jun
“Time Transfixed” – Painting by Barbara Scott
“Sur le pont d’Avignon” – Original abstract on paper by Chantal Proulx
“Creek” – Painting by Serguei Borodouline
Painting by Nena Stojanovic
“Untitled” by Jim Harris