Contemporary glass work – Female artists to keep an eye on

The world of contemporary art is witnessing a stunning renaissance in glass work, and a new wave of talented female artists is at the forefront of this captivating movement. From intricate sculptures that play with light and form to breathtaking installations that push the boundaries of the medium, these women are reshaping the narrative of glass artistry. In this article, we celebrate some rising female artists in Stockholm whose work with glass is not only innovative but also inspiring. Their creations are a testament to the limitless possibilities of this ancient craft, reinvented through a modern and distinctly feminine lens.

Some female glass artists I think you should keep an eye on:

Kristin Larsson

Kristin is based in Stockholm and her glass creations are nothing short of breathtaking. This is a girl who has found her own style and enjoys exploring interesting material combinations. Read the full interview I did with Kristin. The piece depicted in the header of this article is also a creation by Kristin.

Sphere by Kristin Larsson. Contemporary glass work

Erika Kristoffersson Bredberg

Erika uses satiric hints in her work to discuss societal issues. She is also experimenting with glass that glows in the dark, and gas created several intriguing mushroom series that would look cool in any home. In her interview with Architerior she explains more.

Erika Kristofersson Bredberg Glasss art glaskonst skulptur. Contemporary glass work

Ulrika Barr

Ulrika is known from the duo BarroLevén, but is now embarking on a solo path, with an exiting textural approach. From sand, to glass, though sand again. In her new work she explores the never ending cycle of this beloved material. Read the interview with Ulrika to get an insight into her love for glass.

Röd vas av glaskonstnären Ulrika Barr, contemporary glass work

Míra Dávida

Mirá, originally from Budapest but now based in Stockholm is on the forefront of young creators dedicated to flameworking, a unique glass making process that she talks about in her interview with Architerior. I appreciate that she is fully engaged in a specialized technique that is not very common in contemporary glass work. She explores shapes that are similar to corals and other sea creatures.

Mira Davida contemporary glass work sculpture insect

Malin Pierre

Malin is exploring the link between glass and textile and is therefore giving us a variety of interesting textures and shapes. Her cloud shapes sculptures are imprinted with the signature of its textile companion. Her love for pastel colors does not go unnoticed. Malin shared her art journey in an interview with Architerior.

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