Current Crushes: Fresh Summer Tones 1

Current Crushes: Fresh Summer Tones

Summer time is here and while I’m vacationing in places like the island of Gotland I’m getting into fresh minimalistic art and design that reminds me of its nature. I want to share with you some current favourites that have caught my eye this season.

Fresh tones at beautiful island Gotland

When I saw the sculptures of Kristiina Haataja I was instantly interested. Her raw edges and free shapes reminded me of the stone beaches of Gotland. Kristiina has developed a style that she calls Ancient Cubism, simply because she has been intrigued to see what happens when the Ancient Greek sculpture meets the Post Modern Cubist form.

Sculptor Kristiina Haataja. Image from

Her aim is to keep the lines and shapes simple, and that is mainly to show a fragile expression that also can be sublime for the spectator. She wants the different characters┬┤ positions and extensions of figure to give a feeling of calm and peace. Her use of pale toned clay in white, beige, grey and pink tones fits perfectly to the summery pastels of the summer season.

The new collection of shoes from Cult Gaia also caught my eye. The way the present the footwear is reminding me of the stone beaches at Gotland. The set design with white and beige stones, combined with the beige or pastel coloured sandals are just beautiful. A stunning way to present the new collection.