Destination Walchensee Bavaria Germany 6

Destination: Walchensee Bavaria Germany

A cold but beautiful day in Munich. We’ve been staying in the city mostly but this weekend we felt that it was time to take advantage of the amazing surroundings here in Bavaria. South of Munich one is spoiled for choice when it comes to lakes and mountains. Only one hour away by car you already find yourself in the Alp region with steep hills, beautiful views and turquoise lakes. We chose Walchensee, one of the bigger lakes in the area, and set off.

Walchensee is a popular summer spot and I’ve never visited the area during the cold months, but now I can say that it was totally worth the drive. Amazing scenery, fresh air and stunning colours. It’s also worth mentioning that at this time of year one doesn’t have to share it with thousands of tourists. It was so relaxing to walk alongside the lake, find a nice spot and just enjoy the silence, a real outdoor spa day if I may say so.

The intense sun was what made this day great, without it we might not have stayed so long. I felt warm in my new coat from Nakd. You can shop the coat here if you wish.

All image rights belong to Architerior / Stephanie Dahlström

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