Galleryshop Artist Ella at Affordable Art Fair 1

Galleryshop Artist Ella at Affordable Art Fair

Architerior Galleryshop artist Ella Rennéus has been chosen for a new exhibition at Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm. Ellas minimalistic drawings are perfectly suited for modern interiors as well as traditional ones. Each drawing depicts a person or relationship. Ella joined Architerior Galleryshop in 2017 and has exhibited her artworks at galleries in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Antwerpen. All her drawings are original works on paper, made with either felt pen or acrylic paint.

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Ellas artworks are created on paper in two sizes: 50×70 cm & 30×42 cm

The artworks by Ella Rennéus are available exclusively in Architerior Galleryshop.

Ella Rennéus


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