Gabrielle Aquadro exhibits with Artportable 6

Gabrielle Aquadro exhibits with Artportable

The Stockholm based portfolio platform Artportable is teaming up with renowned property developers Gleipnergruppen to exhibit art in their new offices in central Stockholm. 

The new collaboration between Artportable and Gleipnergruppen aims to bring artists and property owners together to make original artworks a part of every high end home. There is no surprise that the goal to bring architecture and art together was a perfect fit for Galleryshop photographer Gabrielle Aquadro whose minimalistic architecture photography combines the two seamlessly. Gabrielle’s photography motto is to “always look beyond the obvious”, and to her that means capturing moments that abstract well known structures. By removing context and highlighting the unusual colours in the facades she finds that the buildings take on a more dream-like state, a reality within a reality. This is what makes Gabrielle’s architectural photography so special.

Artportable is quickly becoming the leading portfolio platform for artist in the Nordics and is currently growing their brand across Europe. With over 900 active artists and photographers they are a source for endless of talent, creativity and skill. 

The exhibition at Gleipnergruppen features works by Gabrielle Aquadro, Ulrika Melin, Tommy Østman, Therése Kyhle Björling and Mats Lodén.

Shop art by Gabrielle in Architerior Galleryshop

“The Flow of All Things” by Gabrielle Aquadro
Building: Gare do Oriente
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Architect: Santiago Calatrava

“This Station is an architectural gem. Its brilliant geometries transcend into ergonomical efficiency. A theme within all of my works is the removal of context. I love how at this angle it looks like a mechanical wave.”
Shop art by Gabrielle in Architerior Galleryshop

“The Shadow of Tones” by Gabrielle Aquadro
Building: Casa da Música
Location: Porto, Portugal
Architect: OMA/Rem Koolhaas

“I adore the delicate Portuguese scene done in blue and white tiles, with the quirky services on the roof highlighted in red.”
Shop art by Gabrielle in Architerior Galleryshop
Therése Kyhle Björling
Ulrika Melin
Tommy Østman