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Curated Obsessions #3

Each month I’m sharing an article where I list my favourites and current crushes within all the Architerior categories – Architecture, Art, Interior, Style and Travel. Let’s take a look at some choices for July!


During my search for inspirational art on Instagram I stumbled across Leslie Weaver. Her pretty paintings of female faces could brighten any day. If you love feminine vibes, flowers in the hair and pastel colours, check out Leslie Weaver.


I’m in search for the perfect sofa table and stumbled across the Instagram account of Curated Spaces. Too bad they’re located in Australia, otherwise they would see an order from me in no time. I love their selection of vintage and new design pieces, very unique and timeless!


When Dior released their new haute couture collection they created a stunning fairytale like campaign video. The piece tells the story of how the Dior seamstresses create tiny dresses that are being presented to the macigal female beings that live in the forest. They each pick a design that is sown for them in the Dior studio. It’s a beautiful video that really capture the haute couture exclusivity.


Soon I’m back in Munich, I’ve missed this city so much! I’monging to stroll the streets to find new facades to photograph. Munich is an interesting city where new and old architecture exist alongside each other. Large parts of the city was destroyed during World War II and brutalist concrete buildings have been built next to old palaces. It makes for an interesting combination.


I’m so happy that we can finally go to museums again! I was quick to make a visit to one of my favourite spots in Stockholm, Nationalmuseum.