Laura Gabriel: Mountain Rebel

On the 1st September this year Architerior launched the Galleryshop, where you can purchase exclusive prints from several young and creative photographers, all from different countries and with diverse backgrounds. In this interview we’re talking with one of these photographers – Laura Gabriel. She is the youngest photographer in Architerior Galleryshop.


Tell us a bit about where you are from and where you live. 

I live in a rather big village near Zurich in Switzerland. I think that quite a lot of people guess that I live in a mountain village – I don’t. Switzerland is just so small and one can go to the mountains in a one hour drive.

How would you describe your photography style? What’s special about it?

I mainly take pictures of mountains, clear lakes and forests. For me it’s important to capture shots of pure nature (probably with a wooden cabin in it). Special about my photography is that I often visit rather unpopular places. There are so many spots that have become very popular in Switzerland lately. I try to avoid those spots and to be creative in organising my own trips.


What inspires you?

I’m inspiried by nature, people and great photographs. Nature: When I’m exploring some beautiful and wild places in the mountains, I always find some new perspectives to capture the surroundings. People: If I’m accompanied by friends or other photographers we often get inspired by each other. One has an idea, the other perfects it and in the end we realise it together. Photographs: When I discover a photograph I really like, I get inspired by it.


How come nature photography became your thing?

In the last two years I discovered my biggest passion (so far): Mountains and hiking. I always liked to photograph but together with my trips to the mountains it became more and more important to me. The more I took pictures of my environment the more I became aware of it. I got to know other perspectives to see things around myself. To give an example: In the past, before photographing, I never noticed consciously the beauty of a reflective lake. Now I really get excited when I see one and estimate it! Instagram also played a major role in my process “of becoming a mountain photographer”: Thanks to Instagram I got to know a lot of young and open people with the same passion. They give me motivation, inspiration and I always have so much fun with them!


What do you want your photographs to convey to the viewer?

I think the best thing is when people tell me that they get a desire for mountains or nature when they look at my pictures. Therefore I try to reflect the mood I was in when I took the shot in the picture (composition and editing).

What do you do other than photography?

I worked in a mountain cabin in the Swiss Alps for almost two months this summer. After that I started studying materials science.


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