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Curated Obsessions #2

Each month I’m sharing an article where I list my favourites and current crushes within all the Architerior categories – Architecture, Art, Interior, Travel and Style. Let’s take a look at some choices for June!


I’m happy to see that my art preferences are exapanding year after year. I’m finding new styles and techniques that trigger my inspiration. I recently talked to Swiss sketch artist Lou Cosmo Pilleri and his drawings have really made an inpression on me. I’m looking forward to follow his art career and see wheres his creativity takes him. If you want to read my interview with Lou you’ll find it here!

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Architerior talked to Swiss artist Lou Cosmo Pilleri who started making sketches while commuting by train and from there on has developed his style. We discussed the dark undertone in his works and how people react to it, aswell as his personal reasons for creating them. We also got a taste of his coming plans of incorporating film and 3D objects into coming exhibitions and the interest to have his art made into tattoos. ⁠ ⁠ Read the full interview on Architerior’s website – link in bio! ⁠ ⁠ #artlovers #artfollowers #artwatchers #architerior #zkissen #bern #swissartist #graffitiart #illustrationart #illustration #coolart #grungeart #artinterview #artreview #artistsofwurope #sketchart #artofinstagram #artblog

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I’m currently trying to find the ultimate new sofa but my mind is spinning. Taking the serene and safe route of neutral colours, or going with something bold and colourful? The choice is not easy. After seeing the Cameo Villas stylish design by Roman Pylus located in Moscow, Russia⁠, I’m leaning towards a natural look, that will leave the art on my walls to speak for themselves.


Is it alright to have your pink phase in your late 20s? I notice that I’m more and more drawn to colours. Perhaps it’s the summer warmth or perhaps I’m catching up on a lack of pinkness from my childhood?


What is it about columns? Anywhere I go I notice that columns attract my gaze and my camera lens. They give a building elegance and a sense of history. However, nothing beats the real deal, a greek or roman building is always worth a visit on my travels.


Gotland is a given destination during my summers. Despite this whole pandemic I’m so happy that I was still able to visit this beautiful island. Stay tuned for more images later this summer. If you haven’t visited this pearl in the Baltic sea, I truly recommend it!