Downley House

A rather peculiarly shaped house has come to my attention, Downley House. It is located in the rural parts of Petersfield, England and was designed by BPR Architects. Rounded arches combined with factory-like tubes give this property a space looking character. Nonetheless, it does not disturb its environment and neighboring old houses.

The construction materials of Downley House are wood elements, cross-laminated timber panels; CLT timber shell and glue lam ribs. This created a sustainable and energy efficient house suitable for long term living. The house is divided in to two wings meeting in the middle at a vaulted dining hall flooding in light due to the huge rounded windows and high ceilings. Spiral staircases made of glass and wood lead up to glass framed balustrades looking down to the dining hall. This is a house made for parties, and I for one would not say no to organizing an event at Downley House.

In the garden, which mainly consists of green hills, you find a stone framed court yard. Not my cup of tea but naturally, the party guests need to arrive somewhere. While Downley House is not an ideal home, it does offer some spectacular features and show beautiful imagination concerning shapes and materials. I love the arched entrance and windows and the balustrades are stunning. But somehow this house loses its style due to its size. Perhaps Downley House is just too big to be perfect all the way through.

Text: Architerior

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