Hong Kong Noir

This fashionable spot for Hong Kong’s pasta lovers offers great food in a stunning environment. AMMO, with its industrial yet luxurious space, is filled with copper details and molded surfaces. The lighting gives a warm and cozy feel, but also generates a slightly mysterious atmosphere. Luxurious materials such as leather, velvet and silk were chosen to offset the rougher features found in the interior.

Interior designer Joyce Wang of Wang Studios created this restaurant with inspiration from the film noir masterpiece Alphaville, made in 1965. The source of inspiration has helped establish the cinematic and dramatic look of AMMO. The lightings above the bar really remind of the stairs in the film. Here they are shown as mini stairs leading up to the ceiling, tantalizing the visitors to climb upstairs to imagined spaces.

The playfulness in this space, combined with the luxurious and dark elements create an intriguing interior that would make anyone come back for another visit. Hong Kong restaurant AMMO is simply exquisite in its design!

I would love to spend an evening in this restaurant, which I think has managed to create a nice mixture of darkness and light, luxury and cosiness.

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Text: Architerior

Photos: Courtesy of AMMO & Edmon Leong

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