Let’s KOOK!

Pizza restaurant KOOK, located in Rome, offers traditional food served in a unique and modern environment. Experimentation with materials such as glass, iron and concrete makes this restaurant surprising and around every corner something new is hiding. It is designed by Noses Architects who made the restaurant rustic with its raw materials and Spartan layout, while still keeping a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere full of design quality. Wood and leather becomes the warm elements in the design, inviting us to sit down and get comfortable in the large Chesterfield sofas.

The main focal point in this interior is the huge glass box, surrounding a free standing tree, which brings nature into this restaurant in a dominant way. The tree with its leaves and knobs adds to the roughness of the design. To bring this interior together and pay attention to a cuter, more rural Italian heritage, Noses architects chose to incorporate some colour patterned mosaic and tiles. This breaks with the otherwise modern and crude features.

I think that KOOK is a great example of the idea “less is more”. Some parts of this restaurant might even look a bit unfinished, but that lets the visitor’s imagination run free.

Text: Architerior

Photos: Courtesy of Noses Architects

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