Mountain Design Museum

This amazing museum at Kronplatz in the Italian Alps, dedicated to explorer Reinhold Messner, opened up its doors in June 2015. Messner Mountain Museum Corones holds a collection of artifacts found and collected by Messner during his career. Alpine history is the key word and Messner himself describes it as the “crowning of traditional mountaineering”.

The experimental architecture and location gives a unique experience to the visitor. Zaha Hadid Architects are behind the building, giving this museum extra much interest in the architect world. The museum, which has a very industrial feel mixed with smooth and round shapes, has much of what you would wish for in a new and exciting building; location, materials and views all contribute to the fascination of this building. Taking almost two years to complete, the museum made quite some headlines on the opening day.

The mountain location and the way the building is halfway inside the mountain connects to Messner’s achievement of being one of the first to climb Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen. His story of making the hard travel up the mountain inspired him to let other people experience something similar. He calls the Messner Mountain Museum Corone “a place of withdrawal that opens up the human senses for the above and beyond, where the mountains become an experiential space and a part of our culture. In mental flights beyond all summits, they are revealed anew”.

Text: Architerior

Pictures: Courtesy of Messner Mountain Museum

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