Valentina Ullberg: @MyInteriorDetails

Architerior met up with Valentina Ullberg, the founder of Instagram account My Interior Details (@myinteriordetails) to talk about design, social media and interior advice for the home.

Valentina, when did you start the account My Interior Details and what was your inspiration?
I started my blog in fall 2014 when I was decorating my first apartment in Hamburg. I wanted to get inspired and to collect my own favorite interior design ideas.

Valentina Ullberg @myinteriordetails

3 years after the founding of My Interior Details, your account has become very popular! You currently have about 28 000 followers. What has been the greatest thing about being able to share your interior inspirations with others?
The greatest thing are my followers and all the positive feedback and great response I get from them. I’ve also met so many interesting people through Instagram and some of them have become really good friends of mine. My followers are from around the world and
many of them are working as designers or architects. I love to inspire people for their private life and job.

What interior styles have become your favourites?
I like to use my favorite trends together with a personal touch. I have some favorites at home which I probably never get rid off and they fit everywhere.

Styling by My Interior Details

According to you, what are 5 important interior details every interior lover should think about when decorating their home?
1. Decide what kind of theme you want in your home and follow this theme in every room.
2. Mix the interior with personal details. If you don’t have any personal details, try to find some at the next flea market.
3. Lighting is an important piece. Think about ambient, task and accent lighting in every room.
4. Don’t be afraid to use some color!
5. Small changes can make a big difference. If you don’t have time or money for the big renovation, small changes are enough, e.g. buy some new cushions for your sofa.

Styling by My Interior Details

Where do you find inspiration for your own home? Can you share some nice Instagram accounts, blogs or stores that you regularly visit.
My parents always enjoyed interior design and they will always inspire me! @architerior is obviously one of my favourite accounts and blogs, but other than that I also enjoy the content of @petitepassport and @yellowtrace. @delia_westwing inspires me too. My
favourite design stores are not the big famous ones. When traveling I love to find the local decoration stores.

You mentioned the importance of having personal details in your home. What details could that be?
Memories from travels, old family items. I think art is one of the best ways to personalise your home. My dad is an artist so naturally I have a lot of his art on my walls, but I also have a print by Riccardo Zanutto from Architerior Galleryshop that I love. Art is a great way to show your personal visual tastes and it doesn’t necessarily have to change with interior trends.

“Jump” by Riccardo Zanutto from Architerior Galleryshop. Click to shop!

In the crazy world of social media, how does one manage to find the most relevant and inspiring content?
It is important to create a good list of accounts to follow to make sure that your feed is filled with beautiful images. If you’re interested in a certain interior style, try to search for a specific hashtag such as #pinkinterior and #velvetsofa.

Can you tell us 5 hashtags that you often search for?
#myinteriordetails #designweek #architecturephotography #visualambassadors #interior

Thank you so much Valentina for talking to Architerior!

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