Destination: Sharm el-Sheikh

When it’s dark and cold and the motivation is at its lowest, a trip to the sun can do a lot! We decided to take a week in Egypts vacation paradise Sharm el-Sheikh to discover this increasingly popular destination.

Sharm el-Sheikh was actually nothing but sand and coast until the 1960’s. A Sheikh initiated the building of an airport that made way for a new vacation destination that started flourishing in the 1980’s. The name Sharm el-Sheikh means Bay of the Sheikh. Today the town has grown to a popular hotel and beach spot and thanks to its strategic location it welcomes tourists from all over the world.

The activities at this vacation hot spot includes diving, snorkeling, desert daytrips on camel or four wheelers. You can definately fill your days.

We took a boat trip to Ras Muhammad National Park to discover its protected coral reefs and fresh Red Sea waves. There are countless of companies organising tours around the Bay.

Day trips also include the possibility to travel to Mount Sinai, where you have a great view of the red desert hills, and can experience some (possibly Biblical) history.

This fairly affordable holiday destination offers endless options of nice hotels, just make sure to book one next to the beach to take full advantage of the warm climate.

The clear turquoise water is just amazing!

// All photos taken by Architerior