Deeann Rieves: Transcend Time And Memory

Architerior talked to Deeann Rieves, whose artistic creations have inspired many, especially on Instagram. Deeann shared some of her inspirations and stories in this new Architerior interview.

Where do you live and practice?

We just moved to Nashville, TN to be closer to family and are loving it! We lived here 8 years ago and are so excited to be back. We found a beautiful house that had a large sunroom, perfect for an art studio.

Can you please tell us about your technique?

I use Golden heavy body acrylics, acrylic inks, nupastels, colored pencils and machine embroidery, embellishing each piece with delicate lines, like veins running through the painting. I paint and draw simultaneously as layers build—connecting paper fragments, mark making with embroidery, and smudging with chalk. I love bold color how it collides with sensitive lines, intermingled with subtleties of texture. I am drawn to the tactility that fabric and sewing add to the painting process. The nature of thread is strong but intricate; embroidery is permanent with the appearance of fragility.

Has your style changed over time?

Definitely. I have been inspired by leaves for several years now, but the type of leaf has changed from leaves with circular blemishes to leaves with more jagged variegated shapes which influenced my work. I also began incorporating acrylic inks which added a layer of fluid movement to my work a few years ago.

How do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from the organic shapes and lines that form in nature through transitions and fluid movement- leaves transforming, water flowing, and the ebb and flow of waves crashing. I love the way forms in nature resemble each other — from microscopic cells and intricate plant forms to aerial landscapes and celestial space. My paintings are inspired by transforming leaves. I love the way nature draws us in and its forms can transcend time and memory; a tiny leaf can resemble a vast landscape,
obscure enough to bring your own memories to the scene.

What eras of art history inspires you?

In art school my favorite was Impressionism and the American Renaissance.

Can you tell us about an important moment in your art career?

The most recent important moment was after I changed my website from a portfolio site to an online shop. When I sold the first few pieces online and especially the first large piece, it was a career altering moment.

What are you working on right now?

I am working on a collection of abstracts that I am really excited about! I’ve been leaving more negative space and simplifying my work a bit. I am also working on a brand new series of nude figures. My first love in art school was figurative work and it’s been really fun to go back and explore a series of figures in my current style with mixed media.

Do you have a goal in your art career?

My goal has always been to create what I love and support my family while I do it. I love that I have a career where I can work from home and have my daughter in the studio with me for play breaks. And now that she is getting old enough, it is so much fun to let her paint with me- I think she thinks its her art studio. I want to create beautiful work that inspires and encourages people.