Brand New Gallery: The key is balance

Architerior spoke to Elisa and her team at the Brand New Gallery, which is a space devoted to contemporary art in the Isola area, Milan.

Tell me a bit about your gallery.

The gallery is the creation of two art historians, Chiara Badinella and Fabrizio Affronti.

Chiara Badinella has been working for several years in the art field and Fabrizio Affronti was a contemporary art collector. Together they realized their dream to run a contemporary art gallery.

What is your favourite part of your work? And according to you, what is the most difficult thing about running a gallery?

Every part of our work is important: from the idea to the realization of an exhibition and its opening. Each part has to be very well organized and discussed together with the artist involved. Each exhibition is an essential step for our gallery and our artists to grow up together. The relationships and the network that we build up day by day with artists, collectors and professionals are the core of our work.

bild 1Exhibition with Josh Reames

Are there any art styles that inspire you extra much?

Since the beginning we have wanted to exhibit art with a high quality level. From emerging artists to renowned artists we believe to offer an overview on some of the most interesting proposals coming from the international art scene.

How do you find new artists? 

The study and the research of new artists to propose at the gallery are one of our daily activities. We strongly believe that it’s essential to always be well informed, prepared and be very attentive observers.

bild 2Exhibition with Kate Steciw

Do you have any dream art fairs you would like to be a part of?

We think that Art Basel is the goal for every gallery.

Finally, what do you think makes a gallery successful? 

The program, the selection of the artists, the collaboration with other galleries, to work together with the artists, and the gallery’s team. Each part of our work has to be well balanced to reach the success.

bild 3

Exhibition with Joe Reihsen

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