Irwin Chan: One Photographer – Two Continents

Architerior Galleryshop is an online gallery where you can purchase exclusive prints from several young and creative photographers, all from different countries and with diverse backgrounds. In this interview we’re talking with one of these photographers – Irwin Chan.

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How did your interest in architecture and photography start?

Being raised in a city of dynamic proportions, Hong Kong was pivotal in my interest towards the arts, and has also become the backbone in my aspirations to become an architect. What makes Hong Kong so special is its incredibly diverse urban environment; from a sea of skyscrapers to the calmness of the countryside, there is always something unique to photograph. My interest in photography stemmed from my travels as a young kid, my parents would take me around the world to see and experience different cultures and traditions. My dad always carried with him a DSLR and a camcorder, and I would constantly nag him to let me use it.


Now you live in Manchester, how come you moved there?

I moved to Manchester three years ago for university, to pursue my ambition of being an architect. Ever since I moved from Hong Kong, I have really got to know the city, and am proud to call it my second home. English has always been my first language; studying in an international school back in Hong Kong meant that I was already introduced to different cultures from a young age, where I had no difficulty settling into a new environment.


What makes you want to pursue your photography? What inspires you?

My photography has always been a record of my journey as an aspiring architect; my first study trip to Berlin allowed me to use the skills I had learnt from the photography society at my university. From there onwards, I would spend time every week with friends or on my own taking photographs. My friends really sparked my photography, I am a strong believer in community building and socialising in the field of art & design. Photography is something you cannot learn, but something that can be developed through seeing the world and sharing it with likeminded individuals.


The community that I have built on Instagram has been the forefront of my constant interest in photography. I am constantly inspired by the photos taken from hobbyist photographers around the world, and being engaged in conversation with them has allowed me to learn and develop new skills, especially architecture and fine art photography. I do not like to stick to a certain style of photography, but instead like to experiment and work with different mediums. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone; if it is to do street or portrait photography, you never know where your interests lie unless you try.

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