Sue Francis: The Rookie

Architerior spoke to rookie artist Sue Francis about being at the start of an art career. She shared some thoughts about her plan free painting strategy.

How come you started with art?

I started painting 6 months ago, actually it was Christmas day and we all did a family portrait on canvas from the ages of 3 years to 53. This was my beginning.

Where do you live? And can you describe your art style?

I live in Melbourne Australia, and I paint with watercolor as well as Acrylic. Watercolor soothes me and I love the feeling of the way the color has a mind of its own. Acrylic is fun but also challenges me which I thrive on.


What does art mean to you?

I made a New Year’s resolution to be more creative and I am so glad I did. I haven’t looked back. I paint for the relaxation of doing it, it’s like meditating. I completely zone out and I’m so focused on the now, it fills me with so much joy.

What inspires you to create? Where do you get ideas and energy?

I get my inspiration from looking at home wares, walking and taking lots of photos of nature. I love textures and I am very tactile and love rustic pieces.


What are your goals regarding your art?

I don’t have many future plans or goals but one day I would love to have an exhibition of my own art work, but I purely paint for the enjoyment and it fills my soul. It makes me whole!

Do you have any artists/art styles that you admire extra much?

There are a couple of artists that inspire me for one reason or another but I normally just follow my heart and do what I feel like in the moment, I don’t plan anything. At the end of the day I paint because for me there is nothing else I love more creatively but I do it for the pure enjoyment.


Instagram: sue_elizabeth

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