Mads Maj-Sälzer: Function Becomes Art

Architerior got a chance to talk to Mads Maj-Sälzer, a Cologne based photographer who despite his young age of 16 is impressing with fenomenal architecture photographs. This is a guy who is passionate, inspiring and really represents the next generation of photographers in his way of looking at the urban environment and the buildings that surround us.

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Mads Maj-Sälzer

Mads, tell us a bit about where you are from and where you live.

I was born and raised near Cologne in Germany. However, I wouldn’t call us a typical German family, because my mother comes from Denmark and we only talk Danish at home (That’s why my name is Danish too). I currently live in a small town about 30 minutes from Cologne. It’s hard to get around and I am pretty much bound to a car. As me and my family are drawn to cities, we often go to Cologne on Saturdays and enjoy the urban life that can’t be found in the rural regions. With its 1 million inhabitants, Cologne has a lot to offer.

How did your photograph interest start, or have you always been taking pictures?

I have always liked to photograph and was always the one to take pictures on our travels. A couple of years ago, I decided to by a DSLR-camera to take better pictures and consequently, my interest in photography grew a lot. You could pretty much say that my interest resulted from the use of my first high quality camera. When I got my first Instagram account, I used to share pictures of my travels. Other Instagram accounts inspired me to do something different and suddenly I discovered minimalistic photography. Instagram helped me a lot in finding my personal style and I still get inspired by other photographers every day!

Why do you love photographing architecture?

I was passionate about architecture since I was a kid. I’m fascinated by the diversity of architecture and how it can transform a functional building into an artwork. It’s no surprise that architecture became my subject of interest when I started to take pictures. When photographing a building, I love how many possibilities a building offers and how light and shadows, a minor change of perspective or a minor crop can change the photo and its mood drastically. With its patterns, lines and geometry, architecture has its own beauty – just like nature has its own beauty too.

How would you describe your photo style? What is special about it?

Generally, I photograph contemporary architecture with a minimalistic approach. My pictures are not intended to be documentary architecture photographs, but rather an abstract representation of architecture. I leave out any trace of the urban context in order to make the viewer focus exclusively on the architecture of the building itself. I think raising questions about how the whole building looks like, what is around it or even what the shown structure actually is, makes the picture interesting. It offers a lot of space for the viewer’s own imagination.

Do you want to share something about your editing techniques?

Sure! To support the calm mood that comes with a minimalistic composition, I soften high contrasts and light up dark shadows. I like to change the tones of my photos, especially of the sky to create a certain mood. If there happen to be clouds in the sky, I always remove them, since their strong texture appears distracting. Other than that, I already choose the perspective of the photo very carefully when I am taking it in order to ensure a geometrically correct composition.

What do you want your photographs to convey to the viewer?

Urban places are often associated with overwhelming impressions, lots of turmoil and a hectic lifestyle – and that is admittedly true for some cities. I want to show that urban places can be displayed as a calm and relaxing environment as well. There are so many different ways to perceive your environment!

What do you do other than photography?

Since I am only 16, I’m still in school, but I aim for studying architecture afterwards. As a sport, I like to play tennis in my free time. I am very curious about other countries and cultures and therefore love to travel around the world, especially to big metropolises! Furthermore, I am very interested in particle and quantum physics as well as cosmology and spend much time reading about it.


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