Maura Segal: I Am My Sole Critic

Architerior got the chance to talk to LA based artist Maura Segal, who shared some thought about her artistry and gave us an update on her past and upcoming shows.

Where do you live and practice?

I live and work in Los Angeles, where I have a studio in my home.

How did your art career start?

When I was selected for a commission for 3 large artworks in 2015 for the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles.

Exhibition image & studio session

When did you know that you were meant to be working with art?

It was always something I loved to do but I didn’t have the courage to pursue it full time until I turned 40.

Can you describe your art style for the readers?

I’m an abstract mixed media artist who uses papers, new and antique along with acrylics on canvas. I have a background in graphic design, which plays a big part in my compositions – the interplay between positive and negative space and the whole canvas as a part of the composition, even the runoff of the design onto the sides of the canvas. And the play between the layers of papers, comes into the composition as well, but you need to look up close to notice this detail.

What’s the hardest part of being an artist?

The financial uncertainty. Also, it can be isolating since I am my sole critic and always have to believe in myself and my process.

What’s the best thing about being an artist?

The freedom and independence to work my own hours along with being able to spend most of my hours doing what I love to do. Also, doing what I’m passionate about full time.

Can you mention a few exhibitions or moments in your art career that have been extra important to you?

Only recently I have begun being represented by several galleries. The two I’ve had a show with so far: Sozo in Charlotte, NC and Matthew Rachman in Chicago, I flew out for and it was great seeing my artwork on the walls, meeting the gallery owners and staff and seeing such a positive feedback from their clients. Those were two great moments.

Maura at one of her exhibitions

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on a few artworks for two group shows: Blue Print in Dallas, Texas on May 11 th and Kobalt Gallery in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on June 30 th .

What does “good art” mean to you?

Art that moves me, that brings up emotions and makes me think.

What inspires you to create? Where do you get ideas and energy?

I am deeply inspired by the Los Angeles landscape and lifestyle, from the sun-drenched plants to the bustling network of intertwining urban roads and intersections. I feel a relationship between these coexisting elements reflected in the juxtaposition of dense, geometric paper forms and the free, expressive and rhythmic lines.

If you could exhibit your art anywhere/with anyone, where/who would it be?

My dream beyond dreams would be to exhibit alongside Joanne Greenbaum and Beatriz Milhazes at MOCA, Los Angeles.


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