Red Snake Summers

Meter Arkitektur designs ”Röde Orm” for X-house

Gothenburg based Meter Arkitektur, and architect Bengt Mattias Carlsson, has designed a stunning little summer house for X-house. The house has 40 m2 living space but measures up to 120 m2 with outside space included. When creating this house functionality was in focus, but maintaining a traditional Swedish style when it comes to materials and looks was also a goal.

“Röde Orm becomes a link between history and future” – Architect Bengt Mattias Carlsson

The house, that is meant to be a vacation spot for summers, has many smart features to make the most out of the space. Outside living is made possible by movable walls, creating wind free wooden decks. Outside and inside blends together in a way that makes it feel much bigger than it actually is. The house offers 8 sleeping spots, a kitchen/diner and a multi use room – compact living at its best.

“Röde Orm”, meaning Red Snake (a referece from a famous Viking saga), is available for purchase at X-House, who helps customize the house to suit every buyer’s special needs. Using their effective building system with massive wood, the house’s layout can be changed to fit almost any building plot.

In my opinion Röde Orm is an innovative summer house that really makes the most of an outdoor living style. Even though it is made in traditional materials and colours, it feels exciting and modern. A good option if you want something extra but are not prepared to hire an architect personally.

Text: Architerior

Photos: Courtesy of X-house & nybygget

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