Stockholm Underground Art Treasure

The subway stations of Stockholm hold an interesting art collection really worth taking an extra look at. Most of the stations containing art have been decorated during the sixties and seventies and the art reflects that era, and the boldness really suits the underground. A trip to the ornamented stations offers an unexpected art experience and the moment between trains when the big space is empty is pretty spectacular.



Skarpnäck station was decorated by American sculptor and installation artist Richard Nolan (born 1936), and consists of 17 sculptured benches in dark granite.


Bagarmossen station is minimalistic with its light grey walls and modern colours. The station has 114 lit glass panels. The artist behind it is German born painter and sculptor Gert Marcus (1914-2008).


Stadion station is decorated by Swedish painter and sculptor Åke Pallarp (1933-2013) and Estonian born artist and Professor Enno Hallek (born 1931).


Tekniska Högskolan station was decorated by Swedish scenographer and artist Lennart Mörk (1932-2007).

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