Some rural and traditional charm combined with modern style and bold interior choices. This 160 m2 property, Vistofta, is located in Skåne County in southern Sweden and architecturally it bears the traditions of that part of the world. Built in 1890, this cottage has a long history as worker housing for employees at Trolleholm Castle. Part of the house used to be a stable and the loft was used to store dry goods. This is now a bright and open living space with the beautiful old wooden beams, hand blown window glasses and wooden floors. As many original features as possible have been saved, creating this beautiful combination of modernity and history. Fresh bathrooms, a new kitchen, floor heating and more windows have made the house fit the needs of our time. No matter how cosy and charming a house is, modern functionality is necessary for happy living.

The house has a plot of 1 257 m2 that offers stunning views of the countryside. Acres and green trees give you a picturesque setting and the concealed yet not secluded position is tranquil. And who doesn’t like a walk in the castle park from time to time?

When renovating and redecorating an old property you might be reluctant to use a modern style, don’t be! Just remember that history can’t be recreated, so think twice before you remove something old from the property. The option of keeping a part of the old when you renovate is a great way to keep that charm. Old and new goes together better than you might think. Saving old wooden beams or leaving the old wood burning stove is often beneficial. If you are afraid to change the permanent interior too much, decoration is a smart method to disguise the old style. To use bold furniture and art is a way to draw attention to certain areas, change focus in the room and give the home a modern ambiance. Vistofta is using bold colours and modern materials in certain parts of the rooms to create an interesting mix, and it works perfectly. I think this house is fantastic both inside and outside!

The property is sold via Fastighetsbyrån and you can find all the information you need on their website:


Text: Architerior

Photos: Courtesy of Fastighetsbyrån

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