Tove Tengå: Calculating Craft

Architerior spoke to the Swedish ceramic artist Tove Tengå who will be presenting her graduation project this Thursday at Konstfack in Stockholm.

Education wise, what’s your story, Tove?

I studied two years of preparatory training in ceramic form, and this summer I take my BA in ceramics and glass at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. I have also previously studied mathematics at Stockholm University.

Are you from Stockholm?

I grew up in Örebro (Sweden) but live since 10 years in Stockholm.

Do you have a style regarding your art: materials, forms, colours you prefer? 

I work primarily with ceramic but I’m curious about other materials too. I am interested in illustration and love patterns. My expression is usually very graphic and illustrative even in my sculptures. I often work very freely with forms and colors, and have a variety of items that I then work out an interesting composition from.

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How come you started with art? 

It was basically a need to express myself. It has probably always been a dream for me to become an artist, and I drew and painted a lot as a child. But it was not until I tried ceramics when I was around 15 years old that I felt that I found a material that gave me the freedom I wanted. Then, it took quite a few years before I made the decision to actually go for it.

Where have you mainly exhibited your work? Can you mention a few exhibitions or moments that have been important to you? 

I’m just at the beginning of my career, I take my BA degree soon, but I was in a group exhibition at the Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum last winter, which was much appreciated. But the biggest exhibition will probably be this spring’s graduation show at Konstfack that is opening May 12 when I show my degree project Calculating Craft.

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What makes you want to continue to create?

Curiosity. I have so many ideas on different forms and sculptures that I would like to test. I want to see them in real life, and what they can convey to a viewer. The ability to say something without words is exciting and challenging.

What are your goals regarding your art? 

My goal is to be a full time artist, not only in sculpture but also image and writing.

Any artwork that means extra much to you?

It’s perhaps the latest I’ve done, my graduation project. Mostly because I’m starting to find what is my own expression and what I can communicate with it.

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Instagram: tovetenga

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