Ultimate Hillside Architecture

This amazing villa by Walker Workshop is one of the most stunning properties I’ve seen in a long time. Oak Pass, as the house is called, has gotten its name from the many great oak trees that surround it. With the spectacular view, Walker Workshop decided to put all public spaces on the upper ground floor, leaving bedrooms on the souterrain level that offers views to one side of the house. Oak Pass shows great connection between the modern architecture and the beautiful nature around. The hard and raw materials of the house blend surprisingly well with the softness of the trees. To bring some nature inside wooden elements are displayed in several rooms.

The villa has a spectacular view of nature. The oak trees take an impressive role in the garden, while always being visible through the glass walls of the building. Minimalistic interior and outdoor spaces are being compensated by the enormous branches of the trees. The long and stylish pool creates a division between house and field, but the reflection of the trees in the water connects the two with a sophisticated and floating bridge. Oak Pass by Walker Workshop can simply not be called anything but a dream home.

Text: Architerior

Photos: Courtesy of Joe Fletcher

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