Climbing in style

It’s time to take stylish interior to new places! Welcome to the most beautiful gym hall you’ve ever seen – a bouldering gym in Austin, Texas. The space that it believed to be the largest of its kind in the world took almost two years to build, but what an outcome! The arty and fun climbing rocks are inviting and nice to look at. Together they create a fantasy like world, ready to be explored. The creative use of shapes and colours has resulted in a unique place that will be popular for years to come. The architect firm behind the bouldering gym is DJA Architects, but the interiors were done by an interior designer called Lilianne Steckel, who provided me with these amazing pictures.  If I’m ever in Austin, I’ll absolutely pay a visit to this gym/art museum. Love it!



Text: Architerior

Photos: Courtesy of Andrea Calo

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