Diane Bronstein: Romantic and Playful

Architerior talked to painter Diane Bronstein about her motivations for creating art and what art has meant in her life.

Tell me a bit about your art background.

I did attend college at Northern Illinois University and received a degree in art but most of my education came from having parents who endlessly exposed me to the arts.  I went to every exhibit, looked at the work of street artists, and studied under Gianni Cilfone as an adult. My family, other artists, and the world around me have been my teachers and where I received my education.

Where do you live and practice?

I currently live in Chicago.  As a young adult my parents moved to Europe where I studied and worked with different artists in France and Germany, nothing very organized, just painting and sketching alone or with others.

Describe your art style: materials, forms, colours. Do you have any preferences? 

This is a tough one.  I love working in watercolor, because it breathes and gives life to work. That being said I love working in Oils because of the way colors blend so beautifully and the texture of oils is very sensual.  Then there is pencil, and pen …fast, and pure.  Just recently I started playing with acrylics… it’s all inspiring … it’s all fun… it’s all challenging. I like working with pure colors… clean …. just like the design elements of my work I try to keep somewhat simple and pure.  That being said I can get very intricate.  The world is in flux, it moves fast, things change quickly … I like to capture the moment fast and filled with romance.

abstract 1

How did your interest for art start?

I remember very well being a young child coming home from kindergarten with a painting I had done of our home…. I loved making it! My parents were in awe of it which made me feel great!  From that point on there was not much of a choice I had to create art, be it in the form of a painting, a photograph, or designing a beautiful space to live or work in.

Have you ever exhibited your artwork? Can you mention a few moments in your art career that have been important to you?

I was never good about pursuing galleries.  My work has been acquired mainly through word of mouth. Between 2001-2010 I was living in California in a community where there were many designers, architects, writers and so on.  They loved my work and sold it to their clients and friends.  I have had a following of a few collectors, little specialty high end design shops, interior designer giving me little salon exhibits etc.

What makes you continue to  create your art?

What makes me want to continue to create?  The beauty of everyday moments, of light and darkness , of color or the lack of it…. and emotions… simple and pure emotions….. that people can look at my work and feel something or see something that gives them peace or inspiration or love.

Do you have any goals regarding your art?

My goals are to always create by sketching or painting. I would like to work in a space with visibility to people walking by to see the process and become aware of art and a bit of the creative process. My other goal would be to travel the world and do quick sketches of people (like the black and white below) getting their morning coffee, walking down the street, basically capturing the moment….

miljö och folk

Are there any art motifs that you favour?

Currently I enjoy working in 3 areas… BUT, that being said, in 2 min I could change my mind and find something else to add to the list….. say Sailboats or Koi or people walking in the street. But these are most interesting to me:

  • The human form and the portrait.
  • The home, the city and its environment, be it made up or real.
  • Abstract, creating an abstract that conveys all the emotions that representational art does.

The world moves fast and there is so much to capture and relate the feelings it evokes.

Instagram: dianebronstein

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