JeeYoung Lee’s Dream Landscapes Surprise!

Prepare to be amazed! Korean artist JeeYoung Lee has been working on a ten year long project where she created amazing art landscapes in her 3 x 6 m studio space.  With an enormous portion of patience, Lee has been working with details and more details to create an illusion of a dream world. When photographing the work, Lee herself figures in them, really showing off the size and grandness of it all. The motifs are inspired by her thoughts and experiences. In an interview with Designboom earlier this year Lee explained that a lot of time is spent on researching materials and different possibilities of realizing her ideas. It takes a lot of testing to find out how to make the objects look as real and natural as possible. Some of her landscapes have taken weeks, even months to complete. But what a result!


jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_307 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_311 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_312 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_313 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_315 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_316 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_320 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_321 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_322 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_323 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_325 jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_520 JYL001-JeeYoungLEE-OPIOM-the-little-match-girl_160x128cm_Inkjet-print_2008 JYL002-JeeYoungLEE-OPIOM-resurrection_120x96cm_Inkjet-print_2011 JYL003-JeeYoungLEE-OPIOM-panic-room_180x144cm_Inkjet-print_2010 JYL004-JeeYoungLee-OPIOM-Nightscape_120x96cm_Inkjet-print_2012 JYL005-JeeYoungLEE-OPIOM-my-chemical-romance_144x190cm_Inkjet-print_2013 JYL006-JeeYoungLEE-OPIOM-last-supper_120x96cm_Inkjet-print_2011 JYL007-JeeYoungLEE-OPIOM-Ill-be-back_120x96cm_Inkjet-print_2010 JYL008-JeeYoungLEE-OPIOM-childhood_120x96cm_Inkjet-print_2009

Text: Architerior

Photos: ©JeeYoung Lee by courtesy of Opiom Gallery

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