Gee Gee Collins: Consistently Inconsistent

Architerior got a chance to speak to American artist Gee Gee Collins about the process of creating, about blending art and fashion, and the trick of being “consistently inconsistent”.

What is your education?

I went to school at the college of Charleston and received a BFA from the University of Georgia. I also studied abroad in Cortona, Italy. A lot of my learning though has been by experimentation and just trying new things and ideas.

Where do you live and practice?

I’m originally from down south but I’ve lived in Minneapolis for the past 10 years. I find I have been pretty productive here as painting gives me something to do to pass the long winter months.

Can you describe your art style?

I love all things full of color!! My style tends to be lively and vibrant and expressionistic.


How come you started with art?

I have always liked to draw and paint since I was a young child. My mother is a fine artist and my dad who will be turning 92 started painting four years ago and has a house full of paintings. So I guess it runs in the family!

That’s amazing! And where have you mainly exhibited your work? Can you mention a few exhibitions or moments in your career that have been important to you?

I mainly exhibit in art galleries. I actually have an exhibit starting June 3 to the 27th at Art Resources Galley in Minneapolis. There will be some new work on display.


What makes you want to continue to create art, Gee Gee?

I love the process of creating. I’m always looking for my next series!! As soon as it becomes monotonous to me I’m ready to change it up. That keeps it interesting for me and fresh.

So what are your goals regarding your art?

To never get complacent, keep trying new things and one day when I have the room paint on a gigantic scale!! I would also love to collaborate with a fashion brand and have my art made into a beautiful couture dress.

Wow, that sounds like a fun idea!


Is there any of your artwork that means extra much to you?

I have a few paintings I’ve saved throughout the years that resemble certain styles I’ve gone through. Those mean the most because they show change, growth and also represent memories of past years. It is much like my closet. I look at an old Polo shirt from way back when and I have a story about it.

Any other information or funny/interesting story about your art life that you want to add?

Yes, my best friend up here always tells me my art is like that of a schizophrenic artist, because my work can be all over the board. One minute it’s a floral, the next a nude, then an abstract and then maybe something more realistic. The one thing that holds true for me is that I’m “consistently inconsistent”. I used to think that was a bad thing. I’ve always heard you need to stick with something – find your style and stick to it.  I find it boring!! Just like in real life I might eat sushi for 20 days straight and never eat it again for a year this is how it works with my own art. I land on something new, love it and then it’s over. Onto the next new thing!


Thank you so much for sharing your story, Gee Gee! I absolutely love your art!

Instagram: geegeecollinsart

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