The K Valley House is located in New Zealand close to the Kauaeranga Valley and was built using recycled materials. The construction blends smoothly with the surroundings and offers a warm refuge for its owners. The villa was designed by Herbst Architects and contracted by Doug Fleming.



‘Drawing from the vernacular of rusty corrugated iron sheds prevalent in the district, we clad the form in a rainscreen of rusted corrugated iron sheets, a rural camouflage of sort’, the architect explained. The old and rusty iron sheets bring a certain character to the house, making us believe that it’s been there for ages.



Inside, the house is concentrated around one big living space, with large windows to make the most of the beautiful view. Serving as a sanctuary for a couple in the film industry, this house will be a rural design dream for relaxing and regaining energy.



Text: Architerior

Photos: Courtesy of Lance Herbst

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