Sandra Shashou: I Always Knew

Architerior talked to Sandra Shashou who has made an interesting use of porcelain figurines and cups.

Where do you live and work?

I am a Brazilian living and working in London, in Primrose Hill, the most authentic part of London at Primrose Hill Park.

Sandra Shashou

How did your art career start?

I was always an artist but my carreer did not start until later, I went to Art College in my 40’s.

When did you know that you were meant to be working with art?

I always knew.

Describe your art style: materials, forms, colours. Do you have preferences? 

At the moment I am working in softer colours, with the Broken Ballerina sculpture the colours vary between soft nude colours, gray for their ballerina shoes and white shades of their clothes.

What’s the hardest part of being an artist/sculptor?

It is harder sculpting than painting, now that I work with porcelain objects that I smash and rebuild bit by bit, painting is like a holiday, lol.

What’s the best thing about being an artist/sculptor?

The best thing is once you decide you are going to be an artist you can’t stop; it is there every minute of your life. It’s pain and joy all at the same time. There is a huge satisfaction in being valued but the work is hard. The life of an artist is the life of dedication, passion, hard work and pain. However artists are admired for their work and that is worth every bit of struggle. It would be a fantasy to think of an artist only in the context of his or her opening night of a show.

What does art and sculpture mean to you?

It’s my highest value, my identity and why I wake up 7 am every morning and work most nights. I don’t have to convince myself to do it.

What inspires you to create? Where do you get ideas and energy?

Work leads to work, one piece leads into the next and that is how ideas develop. My work is driven by feelings and life experiences. A message you want to put across.

If you could exhibit your art anywhere, where would it be?

White Cube Gallery, Perrotin Gallery, Alison Jaques Gallery, David Gill Gallery

What are you working on right now?

Broken Ballerina sculptures.

What is the Broken collection about?

“Broken” references bravery and courage, rebuilding, after devastation. Like rebuilding yourself after a broken love.

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