Being an Instagram user with a great interest for architecture, I’ve noticed a special style of houses often being shared, namely the creations of SAOTA Architects. Therefore, I’ve decided to take a closer look at their buildings and give some tours of their amazing properties.

South Africa based SAOTA Architects have created many houses and today we are taking a closer look at one of them, ZA COVE 3. ZA COVE 3 was designed for its environment, and is fitting perfectly on the cliff-top plot. The goal was to maintain a seamless connection with the landscape and ocean, and I think the result is stunning. A house like this really demands a special place to be, it’s not a villa you could put in any environment or neighborhood. For example, to make the most put of the house’s design it should be at a hill, coast or similar and definitely have a view. Putting this house to close to other houses would destroy the feeling of being one with nature and the view. Although, if you manage to find the perfect plot no house could be better than a SAOTA creation. I for one would do anything to live in such a house.

ZA COVE 3 is a single residential home requiring 1059 m2. It was completed in 2010 and is located in Knysna, South Africa. The house has a very modern style and glass has been used throughout the building to create light, depth and take full advantage of the views. The main living space and entertaining area features two amazing stairs. One is a spiral staircase with white bottom and glass sides. It leads the way to the upper level while being the focal point of the room. The other stair is a wide theatrical opening leading from the entrance down to the living space. The two stairs balance each other out and give the house both a majestic and minimalistic feel. Materials like wood, concrete and glass contribute to the perfect blend between industrial modernism and accomplished craftsmanship. The project team, consisting of Greg Truen and Roxanne Kaye, has really put their heads together on this one.

The interiors were done by ARRCC, and they chose a modern yet natural style for ZA COVE 3. Beige couches and wooden details helped increase the calm and warm feel that was desired. Without the right furniture the space might have felt slightly cold and empty.

Through glass slide doors, the division between indoor and outdoor disappears and you can really enjoy the openness of this house. The terrace has an infinity pool that goes all along the side, giving the outdoor space such an elegant finish. Imagine relaxing here during a sunny day, amazing! I think that SAOTA Architects have managed to create the perfect house, where open spaces, a connection between in and out, modern style and a warm atmosphere are the main advantages.

Text: Architerior

Photos: Courtesy of Adam Letch, Mark Williams & Mickey Hoyle for VISI, and SAOTA.

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