ZA OVD 919

Being an Instagram user with a great interest for architecture, I’ve noticed a special style of houses often being shared, namely the creations of SAOTA Architects. Therefore, I’ve decided to take a closer look at their buildings and give some tours of their properties.

Twe are taking a closer look at one of their creations, ZA OVD 919.

Single residential home ZA OVD 919 is located in Cape Town, South Africa and was completed in 2014. The house is designed to take advantage of the amazing views, with beautiful outdoor spaces facing the ocean. Rectangular concrete forms send a strong message while the white and beige colours give the structure a softness and warmth. Throughout the interiors wood elements have been used; wooden panels on the walls, a wooden kitchen and of course wooden floors. This makes the house feel homey and gives it a natural feel, which is a nice contrast to such a modern architectural style. The high-end materials in this house all contribute to a luxurious atmosphere. The interiors were done by Studio Parkington, and for ZA OVD 919 they created an interior filled with art, sculptures and interesting objects, set to a natural and calm background. This also adds to the exclusive experience of visiting this SAOTA building.

Outdoors, the pool is surrounded by grey flat stone plates which also serve as bridges over the extended part of the pool. This house also has a courtyard that gives the house an interesting layout. The outdoor areas of ZA OVD 919 are just as important as the indoor space. The view, the pool and the magnificent frame that provides shade over the terrace all show that this is a dramatic and well thought out piece of architecture.

Text: Architerior

Photos: Courtesy of Adam Letch and SAOTA


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